Sunday, 12 April 2009


Like Herbie's owner, I too was pleasantly surprised to see my article on Cinnamon in Dog's Today magazine. So thank you Beverley for printing my article and hopefully it may help other CV247 users. Cinnamon is still well in herself and now on her second bottle of CV247. Unfortunately, her 2 tumours still seem to be slowly growing but are still small at present so I am praying that they will start to slow down eventually. I am now putting organic grated carrot into her food and mixing it with organic chicken and organic pet food and she and my other 2 cats seem to enjoy it. I also give her the NZ lamb liver but still have to mix it with organic pet food or she won't eat it. I buy the dried wheatgrass juice from Xynergy and just add water and syring it into Cinnamon's mouth, perhaps it might be easier for Herbie's owner to do it that way if Herbie won't drink it. I have also added in Omega 3 oil now and shall keep adding other vitamins in the hope that it helps her.

Thank you



  1. I wonder if it would help to give Cinnamon some Transfer Factor? This is powdered colostrum, which boosts the immune system. I gave some to my old Burmese cat (one capsule twice daily) she was a really fussy eater but she loved it - I could open a capsule and sprinkle it on her food and she'd eat it all. She really seemed to improve on it, but regrettably I ran out and didn't immediately get some more - then we discovered she had a brain tumour and she went downhill so quickly that we didn't have time to get more. I'm convinced it helped though - and I notice that Heidi is having that as part of her regime. You can order it through Canine Health Concern - then go to the "complementary health care" tab, and choose "Immune System Support" from the drop-down menu.

    Also, I wonder if you are giving her cooked or raw liver? I know mine go mad for raw organic liver, so might be worth trying that if not already. Cats are so much more difficult than dogs when it comes to food! Very best of luck - you're doing a fantastic job.

  2. Hi Mandy

    Thank you for your information. I did read about transfer factor but also read that there was no proof it worked so I didn't bother, but perhaps I will try it. I give her cooked liver as there is no way she will eat raw, she barely eats the cooked one, I have to mix it with the organic pet food, but some times she picks it out of the bowl and throws it on the floor. I agree cats are much more difficult, if it were my dog it would be so much easier with the food situation. Maralyn

  3. Hi Mandy, thank you for the information. I did look into Transfer Factor some time ago, but some write ups said there was no real proof it worked so I didn't bother buying it, but will now try it for Cinnamon. I give her cooked liver as she will not eat the raw and just about eats the cooked food and then sorts it out in her bowl and throws it on the floor. I agree cats are more difficult with food, but at least she is eating the organic pet food which is probably not as a good as fresh but better than normal cat food. Thank you once again - Maralyn