Friday, 27 March 2009

Heidi 5

27th March - Day 15

Heidi is brighter today, but certainly wasn’t up to going out for a walk - maybe she heard Barbara saying that she was going to be taking things easy for a couple of days. Instead, she snuggled into me on the floor for more cuddles.

It struck me at that moment how much TTouch can do to change you from an onlooker or pill-feeder to a participant in the journey of your companion back to health. Heidi is still in some discomfort & her breathing was very rapid. Moving the skin gently over her ribs you could feel the tension held there. After only a few minutes of doing Raccoon TTouches over her ribs you could see her relaxing & breathing more easily, & she eventually did a big sigh, indicating that the worst of the tension had gone & she was able to breathe deeply. She then went into a deep sleep which can only be healing.

Her discomfort level must have gone down dramatically as she rolled onto her back & showed me her pouch. It’s still pink, but she was happy having it handled gently. She’s also clingy, but that is understandable.

We were planning a trip out on Saturday, but we are now having a quiet weekend at home, snuggled up on the sofa!

R x

26th March - Day 14

This is written with some hesitancy.

We had a shock today. Heidi looked a little uncomfortable when she walked over to me so I checked to see whether her lump had maybe got caught in the bottom edge of her t-shirt (it hadn’t happened yet, but you never know). I felt her lump, then I felt it again, then I called Chris over to feel it in case I’d made a mistake.

The lump had gone.

Chris confirmed it. She still had the bulge of skin & it felt quite flabby, but there was definitely no tumour, no tightness, no resistance & no tenderness. I galloped off to share the news with Barbara, but by the time I had returned Heidi was shaking all over, her lump area was very tender & her tail was well & truly clamped tight to her stomach. Aaggghhhhh! Aconite, Aspen, & Carbo Veg as her gums were white then straight into the car, pausing only to explain to Meg that it was ok, we’d be bringing Heidi back later in the afternoon (the whole time praying it was true).

By the time we arrived at the surgery, Heidi was still shaking & I was a mess. I was useless & burst into tears when I got into the surgery, & dear Helen - thank you for the cuddle, it was so appreciated. Barbara had a feel & thought she might have knocked the lump, gave her some Arnica to ease the discomfort (the one remedy I forgot to give!). Further investigation revealed that the nipple was quite pink & hot & her abdomen was very tender. The suggestion was that the lump has been reabsorbed & she now has mastitis. Heidi was given a painkilling injection - her teeth were still chattering with the shakes poor girl.

Her lump was very definitely there the previous evening - she showed us when she was rolling on her back, but it had gone the next morning. I never anticipated that it would go quite that fast. All I know is, it’s not there now.

This bit is conjecture only: could the body have reabsorbed what it was able to deal with, & when Chris & I were feeling it very gently, it caused more cells than the immune system could deal with to go into her system causing her to go into shock (pale gums, shaking)? Our lovely communicator, Jackie, felt that her cells were “claggy” & not running smoothly. If they were handling a load of cancerous cells is it possible this is how they would feel? Last week when I was giving Heidi some healing I sensed the cells leaving the growth along something which looked like an umbilical cord & each individual cell was enveloped by a glorious red pillow of a blood platelet where it was literally loved to death. Is this what her system is doing now? Has her immune system been boosted to a point where it can now manage this? All the herbs, homeopathy, transfer factor, reishi mushrooms, good food, love, healing & now CV247 have enabled this to happen. As I say, conjecture, but something has caused a dramatic change.

When asked what one thing made the change, it would be like asking how long would she have lived without any of this. Who knows. As I tell my TTouch clients, when helping an animal back to balance there may be many pieces to the jigsaw, but it’s only when the final piece goes in that the picture reveals itself to you. Bear in mind that Heidi had been on her regime from December 2008, & only started the CV247 2 weeks ago. Why the change now? I leave you to draw your own conclusions. My jury is still out as to whether this is a spontaneous reabsorbtion or the tumour bursting after a knock; whichever way, her immune system will be working 19 to the dozen.

Heidi is weary, still quite tender & very clingy, but the shaking has stopped & we are ready for bed.

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