Sunday, 26 April 2009

Cinnamon 6

Cinnamon is loving her raw liver even more. She is now hanging around the kitchen waiting for me to give her a piece. I can't believe how much she loves it now when she used to turn her nose up! My other 2 cats still will not eat it. I know John Carter recommended giving NZ lamb liver but I don't think its organic, so does anyone know if this is correct as I thought most fresh food had to be organic. I have looked at the organic carrot juice in the supermarket but the only one I can find has lemon juice in it. Is this the one most people use? I'm not sure carrot juice will go down well with Cinnamon but I do put a little organic raw or cooked carrot mixed in to the food sometimes.

Am I the only CV247 user writing on this Blog, where has everyone gone?? No one is giving updates anymore, which is a shame as we can help one another. There must be quite a few people out there who's animals are using it and it would be so nice for us all to keep in contact and swap recipies etc. Even if you feel it may not be working and your pet is still poorly, keep in touch and we might be able to give you a shoulder to lean on and talk to one another and share our problems. Are there no other feline friends?

Well, my little angel is still ok, tumours are about the same as on my last post, but she is still well and has her mad half hours zooming around the house, jumping on the window ledge and knocking over the photos, but I don't care, as long as she is happy and not suffering thats all that matters.

John was always fine with NZ Lambs liver, he thought it was the best as the lambs were apparently all grass fed. With regard to carrot juice I made my own. I have a Anthony Worrell Thompson juicer and I just make carrot juice fresh as I need it. It is for me these days not the dogs as I got a taste for the stuff! Some juicer don't cope with the strain of carrots - but this one has lasted a long time already!
Beverley Cuddy