Sunday, 12 April 2009


Like Herbie's owner, I too was pleasantly surprised to see my article on Cinnamon in Dog's Today magazine. So thank you Beverley for printing my article and hopefully it may help other CV247 users. Cinnamon is still well in herself and now on her second bottle of CV247. Unfortunately, her 2 tumours still seem to be slowly growing but are still small at present so I am praying that they will start to slow down eventually. I am now putting organic grated carrot into her food and mixing it with organic chicken and organic pet food and she and my other 2 cats seem to enjoy it. I also give her the NZ lamb liver but still have to mix it with organic pet food or she won't eat it. I buy the dried wheatgrass juice from Xynergy and just add water and syring it into Cinnamon's mouth, perhaps it might be easier for Herbie's owner to do it that way if Herbie won't drink it. I have also added in Omega 3 oil now and shall keep adding other vitamins in the hope that it helps her.

Thank you