Tuesday, 17 February 2009


I would like to write my story of my little cat Cinnamon. Having obtained the formula last Friday I shall be starting Cinnamon on it next week.

My darling beautiful cat was diagnosed with Fibrosarcoma in December 2007 after I found a lump on the back of her neck. I took her in as a stray and guess she is around 12 years of age. Although Fibrosarcoma is normally associated with vaccines, because she is an indoor cat, I have not had her vaccinated for many years, but she did have a reaction to an antibiotic injection about five years ago where a large sore appeared in exactly the same place as the Fibrosarcoma, but I shall never really know what caused it. The vet performed an operation to remove the lump and also found a smaller one at the side. After the results came back with the diagnosis, it was suggested that I took her to a soft tissue surgeon for aggressive surgery, chemo and radiotherapy. I read every website I could find on this disease and due to the aggressive nature and poor prognosis in that the lumps return within two months and even up to a year with aggressive surgery, decided to opt for alternative treatment rather than put her through months of gruelling chemo.
I took her along to see Richard Allport an alternative Vet and was given homeopathy and other medications. I also added a few vitamins of my own ie, mushroom extracts. Within three months the two tumours returned but the treatment seemed to be slowing it down as it took five months before they became pea sized. She was operated on again to remove the lumps but again within five months they returned.
During this time her quality of life has been very good, she is not ill, eating well and still chasing her tail. She recovered very well from the operations but still the lumps returned causing her to have another operation.
Five months ago I noticed other lumps coming up around her neck and between her shoulder blades totalling five in all. A couple of weeks ago I decided to have her operated on again, but this time was going to suggest to the vet that if the tumours were attached to bone or muscle and she was unable to remove all the tumour then it might be kind to put her to sleep while under anaesthetic.
A couple of days before her operation was due, I saw the "London Tonight" programme concerning the new cancer treatment developed by a vet, Dr John Carter, that was also being used in trials on humans. I began my research on all the websites to find that John Carter had sadly passed away but his partner Professor Sebesteny had the formula licenced in Europe and vets were using it in Hungary - it is called CV247.
I then came across Beverley's blog "Coldwetnose" and read her article about John Carter and how he had successfully treated her dog. I emailed Beverley to ask her whether she knew if vets in the UK were using it and from that day Beverley has been an inspiration to me in helping me and others to find out all the information on CV247 and its use in the UK.
It was with her we located the Pharmaceutical Company, Ivy Medicals that John and the Professor formed together to produce CV247 and the good news was, that UK vets could now use it on animals. A list of vets was emailed to me and I chose one in Croydon that had previously done trials on animals.
I was told that a third of animals respond well enough to be cured, a third respond and get much better but are not cured and a third do not respond at all. The formula was sent via the post to me and is mixed with Vitamin C and given twice daily in half hourly intervals. The recommended diet is fresh organic food or organic pet food.
I have been searching the petshops and websites for organic cat food as my cat particularly likes dried food and it is very difficult trying to change a habit of a lifetime.
I came across "Yarrah" which is made in Holland and produces pure organic pet food. Cinnamon and my other cats enjoy the wet food but not so keen on the dried. I have also cooked fresh food but it is difficult to get them to eat it, but I am trying very hard and gradually winning.
Luckily the vet was able to remove all five tumours and I decided against having her put to sleep in order to give me more time with my precious little angel to see if the formula will help her. I have to wait another week for the antibiotics to get out of her system and introduce her new organic diet and I shall hopefully start treatment early next week.
I will keep Beverley informed of her progress and keep my fingers crossed. I would also like to take this opportunity in thanking Beverley for all her help and advice and without her I may not have found out all the information I needed to get the formula, she has been like my little "Guardian Angel". I also thank her for setting up this fantastic website whereby we can all exchange views, diets and advice for one another who have poorly pets.
Well done Beverley!
Maralyn Imbrogino