Sunday, 15 March 2009


Our 12 year old little collie, Heidi, has just had a large mass removed from her throat (Thursday 12th March) as her hyperthyroidism was becoming devastating for her heart. She also has one large growth & a few smaller lumps on her mammary glands, several fatty lumps & we believe her liver is involved as well.
We are very fortunate in going to the holistic vet, Barbara Jones, who gave us the details of CV247. Heidi started the regime on Friday & she has a blog which aims to detail her progress as she recovers from her operation & with the treatment.
I have put details on the blog & a link to your blog. Would it be possible to put her details on yours?
We had a joyous moment earlier when she did a BIG woof in her sleep – when you consider the extent of her surgery it really is miraculous.
Warm regards,
Rachael Manns
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