Saturday, 28 March 2009

Those green capsules...

When I went to John Carter with Sally all those years ago, part of our regime prescribed by John were some green capsules that I used to open and sprinkle on Sal's dinner. I was told they were pig's pancreatic juices and that they would help her digest. At some point the supply of these stopped and I was told by John it was due to some or other regulation.
Someone trying CV247 left a message on my general blog asking what these tablets were called and I couldn't remember and assumed they were gone.
But this morning it suddenly came back to me - they were called Tryplase. And a quick search on the Internet reveals they are still going! They may be slightly different in formation, but they do still exist.
John used them in our case - which was liver cancer. Do any other patients remember being given the green capsules or was it just us?


  1. Wow! Well done for remembering what they were called! Yes, Gunner was given them too for his bone tumour.


  2. Could someone please share with me how muvh CV247 is and where I can obtain it for my male Doberman?

  3. Hi Anonymous, your vet should be able to get it for you - you may need to direct him to Or you can be referred by your vet to any one of the vets currently prescribing CV247, many of which will provide it postally.
    I am told it is inexpensive. But perhaps one of the current users could tell everyone the approx cost per month?
    Beverley Cuddy

  4. hi i have a wonderful german shepherd diagnosed with nerve sheath tumour-inoperable we have just started cv247 - would you have the diet and any news on tryplase we paid £57 for 600mls @20mls daily (including ascorbic acid) ie will last 30 days

  5. Might be worth checking out and also from February's blog "more on the diet".

    Tryplase helped dogs like Sally who had digestion problems. you could ask you vet if they'd think it could help, too.

    Good luck - please do email me any updates so I can add you to this blog.

  6. Just notice your question about price of CV247. I purchase mine over the phone from Paul Grant Vets for a total cost of £30 for 100ml bottle including ascorbic acid. About £11 of that is the special delivery cost due to refridgeration.

  7. Anyone know where I can get hold of CV247 in Northern Ireland?

  8. Hi I have been using CV247 since Nov 2011 for my Bernese with liver cancer she has a white tablet and a green capsules, she is doing very will on it so glad we gave it a try we had the christmas we never thought we were going to get and she's putting on weight too. A different dog to how she was in Oct

  9. i found out my lovely cat nobby has liver cancer prob is i can't find out what type due to using the rspac due to lack of funds..does anyone know if theres a cheap way of finding out what type it is..
    i would alo like to say i have jusst started him on cv247 today... there is a man called phillip day that has helped many ppl and pets with cancer go look up credence uk he told me to use coconut oil i am also giving him b17 as it kills cancer cells go look on youtube..the wirld without cancer g edwards.. i have talked to ppl who are using b17 and they have told me the cancer has got smaller ...i was also told to use megazyme forte plus a using it with b17 work really well. as it breaks though the cancer cell wall ...but you must give it to them an hout b4 feeding them.. and for a cat one tablet should be cut into 4 bits and you give one bit a day .... i am talking to omeone whos cat was booked in to be put down as really bad ...he started on b 17 and meg forty and his cat is fat and well a year later alo the caner has almost gone ...i hope this helps ... i have looked into so many treatments ..i just wih i coulld find out what type oc cancer my cat has ... if i can help with the info i have picked up i will...xx