Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Heidi 2

I just had a look to see how Heidi was doing and read the following on their blog...

17th March - Day 5

Blessed be!

After a not so good day yesterday, Team Heidi were called upon once more. I have no idea what anyone did but by the evening she was bright once more & this morning the was at her position by the front door barking to go for a walk! Joy, oh joy, oh joy! She did her little dance then came back to me for a cuddle while Chris took Meg out for her walk. The light is shining in her eyes, even though she looks tired, she’s here for another day. Breakfast was eaten with near-gusto & she has gone for a nap.

Thank you!

Heidi’s 5 day check is this afternoon. Although the wound on her neck is slightly swollen & bruised (only to be expected), the temeperature feels fine & it’s dry. She has been trying to scratch at it & I have visions of horrible things happening when she does but, dear heart that she is, you just call her name & she puts her foot down, comes over & allows you to give her a gentle scratch followed by Tiger TTouch all around the shaved area. Her coughing was quite bad yesterday & the day before, but again, whenever she starts coughing, she gets up (if out of reach), comes to your side for you to pat her around the ribs to help free whatever it is caught in her throat! Which angel lent her to us? We are grateful to you.

Yesterday was tough & I suddenly felt very alone. I think all the tiredness & emotions all had to come out & they flowed freely. My darling Meg came over & licked away my tears & cuddled in close. Whatever made me feel I was alone? She gently reminded me as she leaned in that we are all surrounded by love & are therefore never alone. Special girl.

I shall let you know what happens this afternoon.


The lump on Heidi’s mammary gland has SHRUNK BY 1/2 CM if I could make the words dance & jump & sing I would, but that’s Chris’ department! I’d thought it was softer & wanted Barbara’s opinion. I need to reiterate that Heidi has been on the CV247 regime since last Friday - 4 days & the tumour is smaller.

On the wound front, that is healing nicely, her heart rate is down to 100 (following the taking of a blood sample, so I can happily knock off a little to allow for that!) & she’s put on weight. On Saturday she was 11.9 kg & today she weighs 12.7 kg. I can see we’re going to have to watch she doesn’t start piling on the pounds, but we can begin to do a little more exercise from today so that will help her too.

The blood results are due in a bit so will follow up with them when they come.

I know it’s early days,but I feel a small celebration is in order this evening. We shall be toasting not only Heidi’s health, Barbara & her team’s wonderfulness, but also John Carter’s brilliance.

I know you're all willing Heidi on and hoping that tumour keeps shrinking. We're toasting her here tonight, too!