Tuesday, 15 June 2010

How to make the medicine go down?

Just got off the phone with Mrs Beal who has a Rottie Bullmastiff cross with an aggressive cancer. Her dog HATES the vit c part of his meds. He spits it out and just loathes having his medicine.
Mrs Beal wants to know - is it okay to administer the Cv247 and the vit c separately? Also if it would be okay to put either it alone or the whole lot in tomato puree which seems to neutralise the astringent taste a little.
Mrs Beal went to see John many years ago with another dog and we both agreed how sad it is we can't just ask John these questions direct!
We were also recalling how John used to squirt the Cv247 into the dogs mouths, he was so quick they didn't seem to get to taste the stuff. We couldn't decide whether the mix included the vit c at that stage (early 90s) or not?
Does anyone remember if the Dr Linus powder was given separately or not?
Did anyone go to John with a brachycephalic breed? Mrs Beal says that the pointing and squirting is much more complicated in breeds with a very short nose as there's so much extra skin inside the mouth that you can't get a clear shot.
Anyone got any tips?
Would tomato puree be something John would shake his head at and curse? He hated mushrooms, raspberries etc - but I can't for the life of me remember his stance on tomatoes!