Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Cinnamon 4

Here is my little Cinnamon today, having a little wander and sunbathe in the garden. She is still doing okay although I think she may have lost a little weight, but that might be because of her complete change of food over to organic which has no added salt and sugar and I have taken her off the dried food which she was always nibbling all day long. The little tiny lump on the right of her neck (about pinhead size) still seems the same size, so it could possibly be the scarring from her op, time will tell. At the moment she is doing okay.

I have left various comments on people's posts but not received a reply. It would be really nice to correspond with you all to share our experiences with the new CV247 and give support and advice to one another. You need to check the "comments" box at the end of your post to see if there is a reply. Look forward to corresponding with you.

She looks so young in these photos!
Lots of the pets did get very lean on the Carter regime, I think that was part of the philosophy after we'd cracked the cancer with Sally we gradually reintroduced more carbs. If anyone wants to comment you just need to click on the comments bit - if you struggle - email any comments to me and I'll put them up for you. (
Regards Beverley