Monday, 22 February 2010

What a wonderful email...

Hi Beverley
Sorry I havent been on the blog for so long..almost a year...where does the time go?  My time has been spent enjoying every little minute with Chilli Pepper who is still doing well.  The tumours seem to be getting bigger but slowly in my view as they were cut out last April so I think they are growing slowly as it is an agressive type of cancer that is in her lymph nodes and liver.  She is finding it harder to poo now but they are still an okay shape(yes I am now a poo watcher!) but apart from that she is healthier, thinner and happier than she has been in her 8 short years.  I was so glad to get her to her 8th birthday as I didn't think it would be possible due to the agressive nature of her cancer and bleak prognosis from the Dick Vet in Edinburgh.
Needless to say I havent been back there as I found them a miserable lot and my own Vets are all very positive ie they think she looks great and none of them are saying' well you know she will die of cancer unless she is run over by a car'.  I may be optimistic but I am not stupid and know she will die of cancer probably this year as if the tumour continues to grow it will eventually constrict her rectum, intestine or stomach.  Anyway no more negativity!
The diet has been easy for CP to digest and eats it very well..she is still on carrots, broccoli and raw liver..though I dont add oats to her night feed as she seems to process the veg and liver fine but there is more bulk when she has the oats.  Another miracle is she had a substantial  heart murmour but 2 of my vets have recently been unable to hear any murmour so she is definitely finding something to make her healthier.  I dont know if it is the cv247 or the diet or the vitamins and mineral supplements I give her but she has never looked better and that is all the evidence I need..she is still on no medication as shows no signs of pain(believe me I would know as CP is a bit of a drama queen!)  She is still going for 2 hour walks with my other two dogs and doggy friends and never gets tired so I think I made the right decision to start CV247 with the help and advice from you and the other bloggers so BIG THANKYOU to you all!  Taking each day as it comes.

love Nikki and Chilli Pepper XX

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