Monday, 20 April 2009

Cinnamon 5

Unfortunately, yesterday I noticed another very small lump has returned again between her shoulder blades, making it 3 noticeable lumps now. Indeed I am terribly disappointed that perhaps the CV247 isn't working for my Cinnamon especially with all the trouble I went to corresponding with Beverley to obtain the formula. However, reading over the trials again posted on this blog, some dogs were treated for 24 months before tumours regressed, so perhaps I can keep on hoping. Sarcomas are fast growing so perhaps her system hasn't conquered it yet, so I won't give up hope just yet or perhaps I will never give up hope!! The good news - she is finally eating raw NZ liver - wow! After Mandy's comments on raw liver, I thought I would try again. I first gave my other 2 cats a piece and they turned their noses up, went over to Cinnamon and offered a piece to her and she loved it, so I have given it to her as a tit bit for supper. I have also looked into the Transfer Factor which has been recommended but am doubtful about using it after reading what some websites say about it. So, maybe it is still early days yet and fortunately she is still in good health otherwise so I shall continue with all treatments and wait and see what the future holds and keep you posted - Maralyn


  1. Dear Maralyn

    Great news about the liver! With regard to the Transfer Factors, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence as to its benefits (much of it from vets, mostly in the USA - if you'd like to read some, check out: ) but I know its easy to get overwhelmed with suggestions of things to try so just go with your gut feeling of what will be right for Cinnamon.

    So glad to hear that Cinnamon is well in herself.

    Best wishes


  2. Transfer Factor has been proven to boost your pets' immune system and also fight cancer. This is what saved my dog from death (it's been a year!) I don't know what you've read about TF, but from what I know it is a safe, natural supplement that's even approved for human use. Do ask your vet about it!