Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Cinnamon part three

Cinnamon is doing ok at the moment! She has been on CV247 for 15 days with no side effects to date. This Thursday will be 5 weeks since her last operation to remove five tumours. Within two months I can normally feel one or two very very tiny lumps reappearing and at the moment I can feel a little something on her neck but she did have a very deep scar there, so I am not sure if it is scarring or the tumour returning once again, so only time will tell. I assume like everything else, the CV247 needs to get into the system before it successfully works. She is very well in her self but then again she has never been ill with the tumours to date. Because Fibrosarcoma is quite an aggressive form of cancer, I am not expecting miracles, but hope that the CV247 will be able to slow the growth down to buy her more time.
She and my other two cats are not very happy eating the fresh organic produce that I have been buying them and have tried mixing it with organic pet food, but they sort out the freshly cooked food and chuck it on the floor and Jake, my dog, goes around eating their leftovers. So I have given up with the fresh food and continue to give them "Yarrah" and "Lily's Kitchen" organic pet food which they love. I have also been giving them mineral water instead of tap water but noticed on your website a lady stating that John Carter insisted on the glass bottle mineral water. So I shall now change the mineral water too! I have also been giving Cinnamon wheatgrass juice which was also recommended by another client of John Carter.
I keep the CV247 in the fridge as recommended by the Vet and I give Cinnamon 1ml twice daily within half an hour. I can only keep my fingers crossed that it helps her, but at least there is no nasty side effects that chemo can produce, so she has a good quality of life at present.
I will keep you updated of her progress.