Monday, 4 May 2009

Welcome Nikki

Hi Nikki and Chilli Pepper

Nice to see you have joined our Blog. I guess you have loads of questions like I did in the beginning and trying to do everything possible to help Chilli Pepper (what a great name, by the way). We are all here for you to help and Beverley is fantastic, I would never have found CV247 without her help. My little Cinnamon is doing ok at the moment, although her tumours around her neck have returned they are still very small (about half a pea size) and do not seem to be growing fast which is a relief. I shall be ordering my third bottle of CV247 this week. Her diet is much more difficult than for a dog but I try my best. I give her lots of vitamins and organic pet food, a little raw liver here and there, but she gets bored with the same food so have to vary it a bit. I love the tiera on Chilli Pepper! Good luck to you and hope all goes well, keep us all informed of Chilli Pepper's progress - Maralyn x

Chilli Pepper

Hi Beverley

I am going to start Chilli Pepper this week on CV247. Have the Bottles of CV247 but they are 300ml bottles not 600ml as previous email from me! I now have Ascorbic Acid and am waiting on Tryplase from internet which should arrive by Thursday.

We have been on holiday in the Borders this weekend and it was great to get away after all the negative news this week regarding Chilli Pepper. I have once again read all the blog on CV247 to try and get my head around the 'vintage' John Carter diet and everyone else's diets that dogs have responded to the treatment positively.

As Chilli Pepper now also has Liver Cancer I will stick to the diet Sally was on with a little addition of green raw organic vegetables and organic oats for treats and to sop up the liquid of carrot juices! I am going to Boots tomorrow as have 3 for 2 on Vitamin E tablets! I have listed below the daily menu as I would appreciate you or anyone else's input as want to make it as close to what John Carter would have prescribed...

2oz raw New Zealand Liver
Wizzed up Organic Carrots
CV247 with Ascorbic Acid(Vitamin C)
Vitamin E tablet
2 Tryplase Tablets
Little raw organic vegetables finely chopped
Little organic oats
Little cooked organic potatoes with skins on
Bottled Mineral Water with low sodium

I thought I could add a little blended liver to the oats and water to make tasty treats for you think it will matter as the liver will be cooked?

I also would like your thoughts on making up a batch and freezing it for easiness and freshness...did John Carter approve of freezing food?

I don't want to think too far ahead but, like you and Sally, after 6 months and hopefully a still happy and relatively cancer free Chilli Pepper I will increase protein and oats and get a more balanced diet and maybe introduce some organic pasta etc. I am an optimistic person and I truly believe the CV247 and the diet will help Chilli Pepper and give the medical cynics something to think about!

Thanks for listening

Nikki and Chilli Pepper X

John didn't seem to mind freezing. Back in those days often the only NZ lambs liver I could get was frozen and it didn't do Sal any harm. I do wish John was still alive as he may have tweaked or improved the diet he used in Sal's era or made different recommendations for Chilli.
If you can get in touch with vet Richard Allport I'd say he'd be well worth talking to, perhaps your normal vet could write you a referral letter? Just would be great to have the support of a lovely vet? I do think some other patients are remote and are doing postal consults with him.
The very best of luck with this. I suspect you are coming from teh same perspective as I did, that a glimmer of hope is better than none. And that if there's something you can do that whatever happens does no harm - then it's worth a go!
Just hope you get the results we did. When Sally was diagnosed she couldn't absorb even the best vet prescription diets - she was very thin, backbone showing through her then sparse coat. She was so poorly it was very easy to see progress.
She adored the diet - hope Chilli Pepper does do.
Do keep us updated.
Beverley Cuddy, Editor