Thursday, 28 May 2009

In Malcolm's memory

Just received the third of this sequence of emails a few moments ago. I know it would mean a lot to Billy to know that the drugs might help another dog.
I'm sure we all send Billy all our love at this very sad time, those of us who have loved and lost know just how raw he'll be feeling and will be appreciative of his magnanimous gesture.

Hello Beverley,
I'm sat here writing this this with a lump in my throat, trying my hardest to hold back tears. Malcolm, 13 years old and my best friend, was diagnosed with lymphoma nearly two years ago. With a healthy diet and the help of radio therapy we managed successfully to beat it into remission for all this time, but last week it's reared its ugly head again with a vengeance: Malcolm, who was quite happy to do a 2 hour walk last week Sunday, and go for a full day out the week before, is now so weak on his legs that they just buckle underneath him and he goes for very slow short walks now. They still take ages, because he is still very interested in every little smell that comes his way. It is because he still has that spark of life in him that I want to fight for him in every way that I can.
I came across your article, and sent the link to my vet, asking her to order it for Mal, but a couple of my friends have told me that it can take a while, because CV247 isn't licensed in this country. And time is what we haven't got .... The vet reckoned that we are looking at a couple of months but seeing as he is, I don't think we even have that.
I read about Kate Clayden, whose Weimaraner Pippin sadly died of lung cancer, and her generous offer of the bottles of CV247 that she has left. I don't need them for free, I am more than willing to pay for them, because money can be borrowed but time can't. If Kate doesn't want any money for them, I'll give a donation to a rescue or something - I'm really not after a freebie!
I'm sure I'm not the only one asking for this. I'm including my address so that, should we be lucky, you know where Malcolm lives.
I'll attach a picture of my gorgeous boy, which was taken only 2 weeks ago, when he still showed all the signs of a healthy dog, and we were completely unaware of what was about to happen.

Thanks for reading this, and please send my heartfelt condolences to Kate and her family.
Best regards,
Billy de Goede

Re: CV247 for Malcolm
Hi Malcolm

Really sorry but the bottles were snapped up in minutes, yours is the third email so far and Kate was very efficient and posted the bottles yesterday afternoon. What I can tell you is it is possible to get CV247 quickly. Your vet can order it direct or more quickly he/she can order it from one of the existing vets that have stock. Or you can be referred to a vet on this list who will usually post out to you if you are too far away to attend – Richard Allport has done postal consultations for others for eg.

Here’s the link to the list of vets who have CV247 in stock:

Can I wish you the very best of luck with Malcolm, my dog Sally had liver cancer many years ago which is how I discovered John Carter and Cv247. It worked for Sally and really was my only hope as she was inoperable. It is gentle and easy to administer, but the diet is key and you need to read up on the blog about the regimes that others are following. Sally loved her diet so it was no trauma.

I’m forwarding your email to Kate, too.

Kind regards and good luck

Dear Beverley,

I'm devastated to have to tell you that Malcolm passed away the day before yesterday. My vet pulled out all the stops and arranged for me to be able to pick up some cv247 from Barbara Jones in Oswestry on Saturday. We left Mal, and my other 2 dogs Kiera and Sparky, at home with a friend. Mal at the time still had a spark in his eyes which told me that he hadn't given up fighting yet, so I started him on it as soon as we got back. It was too late tho, by Monday evening the spark in his eyes had gone, and he was looking so very tired. On Tuesday morning he was the same, so I called the vet and arranged for Mal to be helped on his way that afternoon. He spent the morning in the garden in the sun and still wanted to go for short walks around the neighbourhood, but it was obvious that his fighting spirit was gone. He got a sedative at home, which sent him off to sleep, and he never knew anything about that dreadful last trip to the vet's.
So now I'm left with 7 1/2 years worth of memories and hundreds of pictures - and nearly 2 bottles of cv247 and a bag of vitamin C powder. Like Kate before I'd like to give this to another dog, I'm just wondering if the bottle that has been opened - and kept in the fridge since - will travel well in the post, or would you per chance have heard about anyone near Manchester who would like it?
Another thing that I would like to ask is a donation for it to Greek Animal Rescue, which is a UK based, registered charity, who I will be forever indebted to for giving me my Malcolm. No amount can ever compare to the happiness that Mal has given me for so long, but the money could maybe pay for vet treatment for another poor, abused and abandoned animal in Greece, who then might be able to live a happy life with a family. I hope that that would not be an unreasonable request?
Thank you very much for your help.
Kindest regards,

Please email me and I will forward your emails to Billy. (