Saturday, 11 April 2009

Herbie 2

It was such a nice surprise to open this month's edition of Dogs Today and find Herbie inside - thank you, it really made my day!
I just wanted to let you know how he was getting on, five weeks down the line. There have been no miraculous cures like Heidi's, but he has stopped going downhill. A few weeks ago, I wasn't sure he would last the interval between my asking my vet for a referral and receiving the first bottle of CV247 in the post. Given that, it's major progress for him still to be here, and still eating, and wanting to go for walks.
I'm still feeding him organic meat and veg, but I'm no further on with vegetable juices. I've just spent two weeks growing some wheatgrass, and half an hour assembling the juicer, to produce about a centimetre of dark green liquid which he won't touch. I've just drunk it myself, and it's quite pleasant. (Maybe I should have juiced some liver as well.)
Thank you again,
Helena and Herbie

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  1. Dear Helena

    I found that when Gunner wouldn't drink the carrot juice if I mixed it back with some of the pulp he would then eat it - might be worth a try? I also gave him a mix of apple and carrot juice/pulp and also sometimes soaked some oats in carrot juice overnight and gave him the whole lot raw (can't do that with apple juice though as it oxidises and goes brown - that needs to be given freshly juiced). Also with the wheatgrass - I would say yes, blend some raw liver and then mix the juice in with that - its powerful stuff (the wheatgrass), so best to start with small quantities anyway.

    Although John told us back in the 90s not to give ANY fats, I've noticed that the Gerson diet now recommends giving cold pressed organic flax seed oil (this is the only permitted fat).

    Also Transfer Factor is a great immune booster (made from cow's colostrum) - I've just posted a comment on Cinnamon's last entry re: where to get that if you're interested.

    Very best of luck to you and Herbie