Friday, 12 March 2010

Any help for nasal tumours?

I need to ask if anyone has any experience with nasal tumours in dogs.  I've just found out that my 13 year old Golden Retriever has a tumour, it was thought at first that he had aspergillosis but test for this have proved negative. He's had blood tests done and his liver and kidneys are fine, also no sign of diabetes.  I'm totally shattered by this news, this is now my third dog to be diagnosed with cancer, (one Goldie with throat cancer, one Dalmatian with bone cancer in her shoulder).  I have read about CV247 and wonder if this would help Gyp, he is having problems with his breathing through his nose whilst asleep.  He is still fairly active, (still insists on going for a walk even though it is a very short one) and loves his food and a potter round the garden.  My vet has got him on Metacam but I am not keen on giving this to him as I like to keep to a natural approach to treatment if at all possible.  I already feed my dogs a natural diet of raw meat and veg and don't vaccinate my older dogs any more.

My vet has said that there is a chance the tumour could break a blood vessel as it grows and Gyp already has had some nose bleeds.  I just don't know what to do for the best, my husband is thinking that having him put to sleep would be the kindest thing and if he had other health problems, (with his kidneys or anything) I would agree, but I am relectant to do so without trying anything else.

What is it with my dogs, three in a row, and I've got three more apart from Gyp, I'm beginning to think that I must be doing something wrong when I am trying so hard to get it right.

Any advice would be very gratefully received.

Many thanks,

Margaret Ansell 

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I have experienced nasal tumours in dogs from both sides of the consulting room table, so to speak, and they are certainly a very distressing form of cancer. I would totally agree with the advice your vet has given you about the possible effects and course of the tumour. Nose bleeds are a very common consequence of tumour growth within the nasal passage. Once a patient starts to have nose bleeds, the outlook is not at all good.
            I appreciate your desire to follow a natural course of treatment, but do please bear in mind that your vet prescribed meloxicam for pain relief. For any patient, the desire to spare pain is paramount and especially for those with cancer. Pain affects so many aspects of everyday living so changes in demeanour and appetite are two common ways of assessing for pain. It may be that meloxicam relieves the pain now, but may not as time goes by. Fortunately, there are other weapons available to fight pain, and alleviation of pain really must be your top priority. Pain definitely depresses quality of life – believe me, I have been there myself…
 Alison Logan, vet



  1. I'm really sorry to hear about your dog's illness. I can only suggest that you contact one of the vets who are dispensing CV247 to get their opinion.

    I can highly recommend both Barbara Jones at Oakwood, Shropshire 01691 679699 and Sue Armstrong in West Yorkshire 01937 543860, but if you contact any of the vets on the listing on this blog they will advise accordingly.

    Heidi is doing incredibly well after just over a year on her regime, which includes CV247, and her recent check up was just amazing.

    Whatever you do, I wish you well on your journey.


  2. Sorry to only posting now but if you are still considering options then do think about contacting Birgit Ahlemeyer (details in vet list). She has worked with cancer in dogs for some 20 years. She dispenses cv247 and Iscador (Mistletoe). I know Birgit has (and is) treating dogs with nasal cancer with good results.

    Thinking of you.

  3. If it helps my Schnauzer, who is 9 years old, has been using c247 for 3 months .She had blood discharge very bad and we were told she had a tumor and aggressive nose cancer. The difference in her is just unbelievable back to her puppy self .We live in Spain and have it all posted to us here .Would strongly recommend c247 .We are using a vet from LONDON ,EXCELLENT SERVICE. Our Spanish vet says” if she had not seen the dog herself she would no believe it .Try it.

    Jean and Phil also Brandy the dog (on cv247)

    6 July 2010 07:15

  4. If it helps my Schnauzer, who is 9 years old, has been using CV247 for 3 months .She had blood discharge very bad and we were told she had a tumor and aggressive nose cancer. The difference in her is just unbelievable back to her puppy self .We live in Spain ad have it all posted to us here .Would strongly recommend CV247 .We are using a vet from LONDON .EXCELLENT SERVICE. Our Spanish vet says” if she had not seen the dog herself she would no believe it .Try it.

    Jean and Phil plus Brandy our CV247 Dog

  5. please go for cv247 I have been getting great results for many years first with my mom after she was sent home with no hope by the nhs with late stage cancer then cv247 gave her 3 more good years with improved life and did not die of cancer! now with my dog who my local vet wrote off with end stage cancer so went to my favourite vet 30 miles away who started her on cv247 and within days she started eating again and now has her energy n strength back! I too have been feeding natural food even make my own dog biscuits and wondered what I am doing wrong but its in the genes but feeding natural can help them fight it. I am going thru this turmoil now its very upsetting but don't give up and always try alternatives when conventional is no good!

  6. Our Dog Jake a stunning male rough collie was diagnosed with a nasal tumour after going to the vet for his sneezing in mid April .We were both devastated to hear the news and trawled the internet to buy anything that may help including changing his diet . The vet prescribed prednisolone palliative treatment for Jake as this was the only option as the tumour could not be removed surgically We then asked if a referral could be made to see Chemotherapy might be beneficial . We took Jake and my other collie Lady on holiday to the Lake District and the New Forest where he seemed to perk up having gentle walks in the Forest . Since returning home Jake has been more and more reluctant to walk far and is sleeping a lot more and looking lethargic. I went back to the vet last week with Jake (six weeks after diagnosis) and he had an X ray .He was sedated but soon after had to be revived quickly as he was suffering with his breathing . The X ray showed that the tumour has grown and we are both getting very concerned now .The next week Jake had good and bad days and we did all that we could for him. The last two days have been very upsetting and stressful .Jake has not wanted to go anywhere and a lump has appeared on his forehead . He has started to bleed from his mouth and have black loose stools . Later he became vocal was given lots of TLC. He tried to get up but was very unsteady on his feet and then walked in to things . At 5 oclock on June 15th he suffered a seizure that was very scary so with difficulty we lifted him in the car and rested him in the back . We drove to to the vet and Jake was put in a holding cage. He lay on my lap in the cage and we cuddled and hugged him and the vet came in and after what seemed to be an eternity the decision was made to end his life as he was falling over and would not respond to his name or his favourite treats .We spent five minutes more with him and I found it so hard to leave him after saying goodbye . I walked out with my partner and we just burst in to tears feeling so guilty that our much loved Jake will soon be gone . The day after I am still in denial that he has gone forever . I am glad we had the chance to have a last holiday together and the ironic thing is today we were due to drive up country to have a CT scan and start cancer treatment so cruel he passed away one day before anything could be done . My other dog Lady is pinning and is acting strangely wandering round the house looking for Jake its so upsetting . I know Jake is not really gone as long as we remember him ,and we both feel unconsolable at the moment even though I know we did the right thing .He was not just a dog his personality and love for other dogs and people was huge and he would never want to leave my partners side, such loyalty and love cannot be replaced as he was so unique in his ways and will never forget him.