Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Heidi 6

Heidi Heidi

March 30th - Day 18

You can go right off roller-coasters.

Heidi called to me at 5 this morning & I found her shaking all over, slightly chilly, with cold feet & very pale again. I sat quietly doing TTouch with her for about 5 minutes & she calmed. Her colour had returned so I went back to bed. At 8 this morning I found her shaking, pale & looking utterly dejected. I found no trace of any discomfort but gave her Arnica just in case, Aspen for the trembling & Rock Rose before spending about 20 minutes doing more TTouch; Chris joined us to do ear-work & she gradually calmed down. There was no sense that this was anything like last Thursday’s crisis, but I rang the vet for advice anyway. Once we’d established that she was eating ok (from a spoon though - she is poorly after all) it was decided we’d play the “wait & see” game that seems to go with this condition.

The day has been spent dodging up & down the stairs; 15 minutes work, 15 minutes with Heidi, 15 minutes back in the office, & so on - thank you self-employment! During one session I noticed how her coat has changed; it’s gone really curly (which it does when she’s under the weather), the skin around her ribcage is incredibly tight & she twitches when I stroke her middle back - unusual for her.

Her breath has been almost toxic since Thursday. It’s enough to make your eyes water but we go to great lengths to avoid making any kind of issue about it. I received a lovely e-mail form someone I met at a local show last year who is going through similar traumas with her dog & suggested that Heidi was “lysing”. Not heard of it so was pleased when Pam explained, “Lysing is when the body is overwhelmed by dealing with dead cells, some dogs have been cured by the Cancer but died of the lysing and post mortems have shown that the cancer had gone but the body just couldn’t cope with dealing with the amount of dead cells.” Cheering, but bless her, she did follow this up with the observation that Heidi seems to be coping with it. It makes sense to me & I look forward to hearing what Barbara feels.

With this in mind I have been giving her Crab Apple flower remedy through the day as a good cleanser. I will give her another dose of Milk Thistle at tea-time too to help her liver clear out the yuck. I have been interested that she has consistently rejected healing today, much preferring TT, strokes & tickles. She had her jumper back on for about an hour this morning as she was so chilly, but that came off when Chris lit the fire before lunch.

Lump update. The tenderness & pinkness has gone & the pouch has refilled to about half of what it was but it feels very different to how it was before Thursday (it’s ok, I’m not squooshing it around, just light strokes are enough to establish the changes). Before there was a definite “connector”, a bit like an umbilical cord, but now it just feels like fluid filled pouch.

HRH is much brighter this afternoon, even managing a little woof at the Postman, but is still on restricted exercise to allow her system time to deal with whatever is going on in it at the moment. Her eyes have remained bright throughout & she is still able to do vertical take-off & landings to the sofa.

Thank you everyone for your lovely messages & wishes. They mean so much.

R & H xx

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