Friday, 22 April 2011

Every day is a bonus

Lily Twinkle has been amazing..she looks so happy and healthy and what more can you ask for.  Thanks to the blog on Herbie I bit the bullet and asked my vet to refer me to Richard Allport for telephone consultations on CV247 and holistic treatments.  It was the best thing I have ever done as Richard is a vet first and foremost but also believes in CV247 and holistic and natural healing.  I found it hard with Chilli Pepper to know what was the right food to feed her on and what herbs or vitamins to add into her food as there is so many when you look on the internet.  Now I have had a several consultations and the first initial consultation was about everything to do with Lily Twinkles diet and personality and what doses to put her on and all the right herbs and a balanced natural diet which is cooked mostly except the meat and chicken wings for calcium.

Lily was doing fab until 3 weeks ago and she got up and went a walk as normal then when we went to my sisters in the car she looked miserable and was very uncomfortable as her lymph nodes in her neck were big by this point.  She had lasted a month without steroids which was great as they made her drink loads and she weed herself wherever she lay although they did take her lymph nodes down brilliantly.  I had to phone my vet and she was instantly put on large dose of the steroids again for 3 days and within 12 hours she was back to her happy lazy self, upside down on the couch. I phoned Richard the next day and he advised sometimes dogs may need the help of steroids for a couple of days a month or maybe more just to help reduce the swelling so I am certain the natural way is the right thing to do but for a few months we can give her short course of steroids to keep the lymph nodes down.  The prognosis for Lily is dire without chemo but if I get one more month out of her like she is behaving now I will be delighted.

Every day is a bonus and unlike how I behaved with Chilli Pepper (crying every day when she was still alive) I don't cry as I am appreciating her being well and still here.  If we dont have long then I am not going to remember how sad I was but how happy Lily Twinkle was.  I think it is working with the CV247 and natural remedies and it would be lovely if it continues for ages and then maybe my vets' will take more of an interest in this magical potion!!

I also managed a great breakthrough with Petplan..who lily is insured with as they classed CV247 as a homeopathic med but I complained and now the claims team accept that it is a vet medicine as has to be prescribed by a vet or doctor as contains sodium salicylate which is also in aspirin.

I have just taken the picture above tonight and it shows how healthy and contented Lily Twinkle is in her favourite position with a smile on her face lol.

Nikki and Lily Twinkle x


  1. Ah thank you for this wonderful story.

  2. My darling Jack, a GSD X Doberman died from cancer aged only six. He was only diagnosed eleven days before his death, having seen the vet almost daily for two and a half months with various symptoms. Every moment was precious beyond words.
    I wish Lily Twinkle all the very best, and God bless you both

  3. My Cavalier Biggles was one of the first dogs that John Carter treated ( Biggles has lymphoma) and his treatment extended Biggles life by an extra 3 years when my regular vet had given up.
    Throughout the treatment Pet Plan reimbursed me for all the visits to John.
    I hope that Lily Twinkle continues to improve. Biggles was literally at deaths door when we started Johns treatment.
    You must stick to the organic diet 100%, this is the most important aspect of the treatment.
    Good luck.
    Shirley Thompson

  4. Hi My Mums dog Kia was diagnosed with a neoplastic mass, in the soft tissue above her right eye. We got the biopsy results last thurs, and our vet recommended complete removal of the eye and surrounding tissue. The tumour had features of epithelial origin, most likely of lacrimal gland origin. Kia, had her eye removed today at the PDSA, we were told that unfortunately they couldn't remove all of the tumour as it was embedded in the tissue above the eye socket and would be impossible to completely remove. We had discussed with our vet, that we wanted to try the CV-247, however being a convential vet, he knew very little about this drug and diet. After a lot of chasing up, our nearest vet that prescribes CV-247 has managed to get some in stock. Fingers crossed we should have it by early next week. Damn these Bank Holidays. I was told that an opiod pain killer should be used in conjunction as CV-247 has a salycilic agent already. So a NSAI shouldn't be used, however our vet says he's going to use Meloxicam, at a lower dose, due to it's cancer fighting properties.
    Kia is a X breed Doberman, English Bull, Pharoah hound, possibly Boxer too. She will be 10 on 26 June, she weighs 23.7 kgs. Until this problem with her eye, which started after a dog attack, she has had no other health problems.
    I am not very computer savvy, so don't know if this is in the right bit, so please excuse and feel free, to re-locate.
    Any advice, tips or similar cases would be gratefully recieved.