Monday, 4 May 2009

Welcome Nikki

Hi Nikki and Chilli Pepper

Nice to see you have joined our Blog. I guess you have loads of questions like I did in the beginning and trying to do everything possible to help Chilli Pepper (what a great name, by the way). We are all here for you to help and Beverley is fantastic, I would never have found CV247 without her help. My little Cinnamon is doing ok at the moment, although her tumours around her neck have returned they are still very small (about half a pea size) and do not seem to be growing fast which is a relief. I shall be ordering my third bottle of CV247 this week. Her diet is much more difficult than for a dog but I try my best. I give her lots of vitamins and organic pet food, a little raw liver here and there, but she gets bored with the same food so have to vary it a bit. I love the tiera on Chilli Pepper! Good luck to you and hope all goes well, keep us all informed of Chilli Pepper's progress - Maralyn x


  1. Nikki and Chilli Pepper5 May 2009 at 17:45

    Hi Maralyn,
    Thanks for your is great to have other people whose pets are in the same position to talk to as it is helping me to be more positive. I love the name cinnamon and weirdly enough it was one of my names for Chilli Pepper but the double barrel name won it for me as my other dogs are a rottweiler called Lily Twinkle and a neo mastiff x called Mr Mudpie! Beverley mentioned the vet Richard so I have just emailed him so hopefully will get a reply to advise me on any holistic herbs or vitamins to include with her diet to make her as healthy as possible to fight this disease. Thinking of you and Cinnamon and wishing you well.

    Nikki and Chilli P x

  2. Hi Nikki

    Cinnamon got her name through the vets where I work as a receptionist. She was found lying on the pavement very ill with flu about 8 years ago. A client brought her into us in a box which had a smell of cinnamon spice and the vet called her "Cinnamon". My husband and I took her in when she got over her flu and she is adorable. Cinnamon was under Richard when first diagnosed with fibrosarcoma, she had homeopathy and a few vits until I saw CV247 on the TV and decided to try her on that. Gosh, you have a couple of large dogs eh, a Rotti and a Mastiff!! In regards to vits for C-P, I am constantly looking up the websites for "alternatives for pets with cancer" and each week I add another vitamin. I read up on that particlar vitamin and make judgement as to whether to give it to her. I feel I don't have anything to lose by giving her everything I can. I add the vitamin in each week to make sure it doesn't upset her and so far so good. I have just added Coenzine 10. It's more difficult with Cinnamon as she is picky with food and a nibbler, so I have to syringe all the vits into her mouth, whereas some owners sprinkle on to food, making it much easier. So just read up on what other owners are giving their pets and read up on the websites to what vitamins they recommend for cancer, usually its antioxidants and immune system builders. Hope that helps a little for you. Best of luck - Maralyn and Cinnamon x