Saturday, 18 July 2009

A round up of info

Here’s a list of vets prescribing CV247, regardless of where you live, some may agree to postal consultations.

List of vets.

You’ve found the CV247 specific blog but here are the other bits from my general blog that may help give more info on diet, background etc.

Read this

and this...

and this one...

and there's more...

nearly done...

It's well worth reading Heidi's regime

and here's the one about the green capsules.

Hope that helps – if you still got any questions let me know and I’ll try to help!

Good luck, if you do go ahead and would like to record your story on the blog do email me.

Best wishes
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  1. hi if anyone can help please get in touch i have just started my 6 year old springer katy this week on cv247 but she wont eat any fruit or paster infact she wont it much at all. if anyone has any info please call me on 07812 058789 alan dagenham essex thanks

  2. Nikki and Chilli Pepper18 August 2009 at 19:13

    Hi Alan,

    If Katy on Cv247 she must be on the strict diet that Beverly and the other bloggers have mentioned. My cocker Chilli Pepper is loving the diet of organic carrots and broccoli, organic oats and nz lambs liver raw with a few vits and tryplase capsules thrown in for good measure. I put mine in a magimix so it pulps the carrots, broccoli and raw liver then freeze a batch so it will do her for 2 wks which is much easier, then when defrosted I add organic oats and the vits etc. She also only gets mineral water with low sodium content. She is looking and acting the best she has ever been in 8 yrs! The tumour that was removed is back and very slightly visible but feels hard when touched but as long as she is so fit and happy I dont mind. She was given six mths in feb 09 and that would be next month but fingers crossed and touch wood she will last way after xmas. Good luck
    NIkki and chilli pepper x