Monday, 27 April 2009

Chilli Pepper

Hi Beverley,

As fate would have it my poor 7 1/2 year old Cocker Spaniel Chilli Pepper was diagnosed with anal sac carcinoma and it has metastasized into her lymph nodes about 2 months ago. She had surgery 2 weeks ago to remove the anal sac and surrounding lymph nodes and the surgeon assured me he cut out what was feasible but this process wasn't a cure but will hopefully give her a longer better quality of life.
The owner of the kennels I put my other dogs into called me to advise of your article in April's issue re cv247 which was the best thing that happened to me and Chilli Pepper as I have always been against chemo for dogs especially Chilli as she is quite sensitive to all things relating to vets if you know what I mean!! I was in turmoil until i checked out your blogs and all the stories from yourself and other people with similar situations and whether it works on Chilli Pepper or not I feel it is worth a try..I spoke to my vet who is very open minded and he called the vet in Edinburgh who is on your list and I am able to go pick up some cv247 from him as he has had to order a bulk load and has only given it to one dog 2 mths ago and hasn't heard since if he feels it is working. Nevertheless I would never have known all this wonderful info if it wasn't for you Beverley and your research team so thank you from the bottom of my and Chilli's heart.
I have also been trying to research the maple syrup and bicarbonate of soda remedy to cure cancer..basic principle by heating the two ingredients together bonds the ingredients and the cancer tumours crave the sugar and soak up the mixture and then the bicarb goes to work to kill the tumour from the inside out..most stories on internet are by people cured but my vet also said he didn't think it would harm her or be affected by giving cv247 at the same time...have you any ideas on this?
I also have a couple of things that not sure about mainly the diet thing...the liver, carrot juice and supplements didn't seem that balanced and my vet was a little concerned about you think I could give her Nature Diet which is natural and balanced with a content of 60% meat and I have been giving her lamb as feel chicken has antibiotics pumped into food whereas sheep need to graze grass so they are prob as organic as could hope to get without trying to balance a diet based on Barf. According to your literature on diet low red meat so chicken seems to be more desirable? Also had noticed in blog last time the name of those pig capsules pancreatic juices but am unable to find it now?
I am desperate Beverley as I am sure you can understand having been through the same trauma with Sally but how wonderful that she then defied odds by reacting to cv247 and living til 16 and its things like this that have given me hope although trying to stay optimistic is hard as I love Chilli Pepper so much as tears run down my face now thinking of a day that I will lose my best friend.
I know you are busy running a fab mag but if you do get a moment to read through my ramblings and give me advice on the above queries I will be eternally grateful from one lucky dog owner to another.

thanks Nikki Herald X and Chilli Pepper lick

Hi Nikki and Chilli Pepper

I totally understand how you are feeling. It is a very upsetting time.
I will tell you what I know about CV247 and the diet. The diet is equally important as the CV247. It is weird and my normal vet was sceptical – he wanted me to feed a canned prescription diet. Innovation doesn’t come from regular vets, so it’s understandable that John advocated something many vets think of as strange. But there is logic behind it. From my time in the waiting room it was the people who stuck rigidly to the diet that got success. Those that wavered and just gave the dog what it liked or treats that were not on the diet, didn’t get better.
Some dogs did get a bit lean when they were battling cancer, my Sal was – but I thought it was worth it and in hindsight it was. And to be honest she was already thin when we started as she was so ill she couldn’t digest. Therefore I don’t think I had the same dilemma others did. And Sally loved her weird diet, I think it was things she was craving as it was what her body needed. When she was ill, before diagnosis, she stole the broccoli from my shopping.
John was adamant about a chemical free, salt free, sugar free diet. That the body – liver especially – should not be sidetracked in dealing with non-food items. It needed to concentrate on fighting the cancer. His attention to detail was so great that he insisted on bottled water, too – but not in plastic bottle – it had to be glass.
It kind of makes sense and the results seemed to back it up.
As far as the maple syrup idea I don’t think that would work with CV247 as introducing sugar would be against the diet. I’d say you’d try one or the other – but that together probably neither would work. It would be worth checking out Heidi’s regime on the blog as her owners are using alternatives, too.
My instincts were to throw myself into one method and just treasure every day. We weren’t offered traditional alternatives as Sal was inoperable. With CV247 you do no harm no matter the end result, there are no side effects.
It is all or nothing though, I’d say don’t bother doing CV247 if you aren’t going to do the diet.
Good luck with which ever path you choose and if you’d like me to record your story on the blog, I’d be happy to do that. The blog can help replicate John’s waiting room – people pass on tips and support each other.
The drug was Tryplase by the way, it helps absorption and is or was made from pig's pancreatic juices – so hopefully natural stuff.
Best wishes

Hi Beverley,
Thank you for your most speedy and informative reply to my rambling email! I am so glad I spoke to you as now I have a path to follow...I am enjoying chilli pepper each day as I always have but I will leave the maple syrup and bicarbonate of soda for now to concentrate on cv247 and the specific diet of raw nz lambs liver, juiced up organic carrots(another great tip from you as I also cant find organic carrot juice anywhere just like cinnamon's owner). What other supplements are required to be mixed with the above menu and I have noticed a few vitamins and is omega 3 oils to be added as cinnamons mum has done? If chilli pepper loses weight it will be better for her as she should be 12kilos and is 16 so the weight loss will be an advantage! Can she get raw bones or should it just be liver? I'm sorry to keep barraging you with questions but I have read so much that you email was a relief of concise information! I will be glad if you can add Chilli Peppers story to the Blog as not that good on a computer so only know how to email you! It has been very informative and also gives me some hope that denying Chilli Pepper chemo is the best decision as I know she will not cope with that but try explaining that to specialist cancer vets! Just for information sake my vet put me in touch with the vet on your site regarding cv247 stockists in Edinburgh so went today and picked up 2 bottles (600ml each)of the cv247 at £89.70 and then went to Boots pharmacy to order vit c powder at £7.15 per 100g as may be advisable to let other people considering this to have a rough idea of cost as i had no idea how much is was going to cost. The cv247 will last me around 2 mths as she to get 4ml twice a day. Thanks again for your time Beverley..

Yours Nikki + Chilli Pepper XX

Hi B,

Me again....! Diet to be low in sugar but ok to have organic fruit....I would like to give her apples and blueberries but not sure it this would put too much sugar in her diet? What do you think as apparently apple seeds have some anti cancer properties and blueberries have great antioxident qualities so think would be a good thing but not sure if too much sugar or is it refined sugar that is a nono?

Thanks Nikki x

Hi Nikki and Chilli Pepper
I remember John saying he hated berries and mushrooms. Any other's out there heard him going on about berries being the worst thing on the planet you can eat? As he was iffy about parsnips because they have loads of sugar I would go very easy on the fruit if you're going for the vintage Carter diet. Anyone else remember John Carter's line on apples?


  1. Hi Nikki (and Beverley)

    I remember John was fine about us feeding organic apples and apple juice and even organic bananas for in-between meal treats (and I remember one person giving her lab orange juice to drink, which I thought was a bit too sweet for a dog, but she was one of the ones who got better, albeit with a leg amputation). I remember John saying that apple juice oxidises very quickly though, so needs to be given as soon as its juiced, before it turns brown.

    Very best of luck with it all.


  2. Nikki and Chilli Pepper4 May 2009 at 09:56

    Hi Mandy

    Thanks for that info re apples and bananas..I have looked over everyone's valuable information and advice and I think I will try to keep to the diet that Beverley's Sally was on which was very minimal but CP has now also got liver cancer which Sally also had and it worked for her for 9 years extra so here's hoping!

    Thanks again

    Nikki x