Thursday, 19 March 2009

Jake's treatment diary

16 Feb 09
Jake started his home prepared diet today, loves it. He weighs 28.5kg so we began by feeding him 2.5lbs per meal twice daily. The CV247 is due to arrive any day.
21 Feb 09
Appointment at vets to collect CV247 which arrived yesterday, and also for our vet Roger to look at a wound in front of his back right leg. Must have happened yesterday but haven’t a clue how it happened. This 1.5” tear was stapled and a lampshade was put on him. (As if he hasn’t enough to put up with). Appointment made for 6 March for removal of staples and health check.
Weight 29.2kg. Reduced food to 2lbs per meal twice daily.
1 Mar 09
Jake had been vomiting on occasions which gave us cause for concern. We soon realised it was when we fed him chicken. The chicken was substituted for rabbit.
We never gave it a thought but a good few years ago we had a York Test done on him because he was vomiting and also had diarrhoea. The results showed food intolerance to chicken and fish. We changed his diet to James Wellbeloved food.
6 Mar 09
Visit to vets for removal of staples and a check of his gums. There are two very small lumps in the area where the first lump was removed. He will see Jake in a couple of weeks to review.
Weight 28.8kg.
15 Mar 09
To date Jake is eating well and looks great. Friends have remarked on how soft and silky his coat is now.
17 Mar 09
Health check with vet today. Roger is happy with his progress. The two lumps on his lower gum don’t appear to be getting much bigger at all. He suggested Jake has another chest x-ray around end April beginning May to compare with last x-ray.
Weight 28.4kg

We have a concern with the vitamin c powder that we are mixing with the CV247. It does not seem to be dissolving at all. It is a Holland & Barrett brand, fast dissolving. Has anyone else come across this problem? I am unable to source a pure vitamin c liquid.

Editor's note: I used to use Dr Linus vitamin C powder that came in an orange pot all those years ago when I was treating my Sally. In those days this was the brand Mr Carter preferred and he used to swear by it. Here's a link I've found to buy it over the net. Don't want to stick my nose in, but you might want to look at trying to change to an organic complete food if you're not going to be able to follow John's diet. Is it not possible to try lamb's liver and carrot before you do give up - worked for Sally. Diet was very important to John in the old days. But it is true that some of the later trialsseemed to still have had success on prepared diets - but I suspect the odds decrease the further you stray from the chemical and salt free diet that John was aiming for. Take a look at Lily's kitchen they do some great organic foods that may fit the bill.

Just had an email from Paul, I've misread his diary! It was years ago he changed the diet to James Wellbeloved - he's not feeding it now. Jake is still sticking to John's diet - just minus the ingredients he's allergic to!

Cinnamon's owner Maralyn just sent this email: "When I ordered the CV247 from Paul Grant, he also sent me a box of "Ascorbic Acid" 200mg x 28 tablets. I cut them into quarters. It doesn't have the orange flavour that some people seem to say, but then again cats hate citrus flavours and smells. The box made by Norbrook looks like something that would be prescribed rather than bought over a counter. It dissolves pretty well too when mixed with back of spoon. Just thought I would mention it as maybe Owners could buy it through their vets rather than having problems trying to obtain it. "


  1. Thank you for your comments Beverley and Maralyn. I am told that the ascorbic acid is to be fully dissolved in the cv247 solution and the ascorbic acid powder I am using is not fully dissolving. I think I will try the Dr Linus vitamin c powder. Thank you.

  2. Hi Paul

    I crush the ascorbic acid tablet first in an egg cup with a wooden type flat edged tablet crusher, then mix in the formula. There is teeny weeny granules left but they easily go up into the syringe. I then shake the syringe to give it a final mix.

    (posted by Beverley as Maralyn was struggling to make the comments work - this site is playing up - will have a tweak so people can post without registering!)

  3. Dear Beverley

    Could you please forward the name of the vet or where you are obtaining the the CV247 please?

    I have a 9 year old sprollie who has a Ca diagnosis....this sounds fantastic! Email:

    Best wishes & thanks in advance


  4. I've already emailed Tam, but here's a link for anyone else looking.



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