Monday, 9 March 2009



Thank you so much for your kind email a fortnight ago. My vet referred me to Richard Allport, and fortunately he is prepared to do postal consultations - I live several hours' drive away, and knew Herbie would be stressed by the long journey.

Herbie has lymphoma, which he developed in April 2007, and since then has had a great deal of chemotherapy, but we ran out of options last year. Nothing held back his nodes from growing for more than 48 hours, and the vet advised me it was time for "palliative care only".

Since then, his lymph nodes have continued to grow (photo attached - greyhounds aren't supposed to look like this!) and according to his latest blood test, there is an overspill of lymphocytes into his blood, so the picture isn't too good. He's been on a home-cooked diet for a long while now, and I'm trying to get him used to the addition of raw fruit and vegetables, as per John Carter's instructions. I'm struggling with that - Herbie's never liked fruit, won't touch grated carrot, but I have managed to get him to drink bottled organic carrot juice. If anyone has advice on how to get raw fruit into him, I'd be grateful.

Richard Allport has also prescribed some homeopathic remedies and a couple of other things to support the CV247, so we're taking one day at a time.

Thank you once again for pointing me in the right direction.

Best wishes
Helena Nowell

I'm sure we all send Helen and Herbie all our best wishes. I heard today that Helena has sent off for a copy of the Max Gerson book on Amazon that John based his diet on.


  1. Poor Herbie, he's a beautiful dog and really hope that the CV247 helps him, just like I have started using it on my little cat Cinnamon. We can only hope and pray and do our very best for our pets. Fingers and toes crossed - keep us informed - M

  2. Just an update to my last comment regarding Herbie and raw fruit juice. My dog doesn't like veg or fruit and I have no chance trying to give Cinnamon fruit and veg. Cats are sooo much more difficult with food than dogs, so hopefully the organic cat food will be ok for her. Have you thought about buying a juicer and juicing the fruit, either mix it into his food or get a large 20ml syringe from your vet(without needle of course) and squirt it into his mouth, (without causing him too much stress). This is what I do with the wheatgrass for my little Cat who has fibrosarcoma. Perhaps you could add some vitamins too. You can buy pet vitamins in Holland and Barrett. I hope that is of help to you. M