Monday, 16 February 2009


On Friday 30th January this year I had a phone call from my Vet to tell me one of my best friends, Jake (an 8 year old Labrador) had cancer - malignant melanoma. The prognosis is three months to one year and all the treatments have been explained to me all except CV247.
One of my human type friends had heard of CV247 and after checking every web site possible I have compiled a dossier and handed it to my vet in the hope he will treat Jake with CV247.
In addition to the treatment of Jake I hope lots of other dogs can benefit from this wonderful alternative to painful and prolonged surgery and the effects from chemotherapy.
I can’t imagine loosing Jake at the prime of his life.
Your Blog is an inspiration and provides hope for many people in my position. With all sincerity if there is anything I can do to assist any other people who might have contacted you please let me know. I live in South West Scotland.
Paul Robinson

Paul's vet has agreed to try CV247 and Jake has now moved over to John Carter's diet in readiness and he seems to like it (well he is a Labrador!) and Paul hopes to start the medication this week.
Keep checking here for progress updates. And if your dog or cat is starting on CV247 please contact Beverley and we can follow your pet too.
It would be great if this blog can unify people who have pets with cancer as I found John Carter's waiting room was a great source of support and advice - especially about the diet and where to source the best organic ingredients.
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