Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Cinnamon 2

Update on Cinnamon.
Yesterday Cinnamon started her CV247 and all is well at present. Her scars are healing well from her operation and she is very well, back chasing her tail and having her mad half hour so much so that she jumped onto the window sill and smashed my beautiful candy jar that I've had for 24 years!!
Richard Allport recommended an organic food by Lily's Kitchen, which I purchased yesterday and it arrived this morning just in time for feeding my three cats. They loved it! and ate every little morsel. I have to say the service was excellent with prompt delivery and the food packed and sealed extremely well.
I also managed to find an organic farm near Epping called "Ashlyns" which sells everything organic. I purchased organic chicken, liver, rabbit and game (wild) for my cats. They are still dubious about eating freshly cooked meats, but I have been adding a little of the organic pet food to it and they lap it up. So if there is anyone reading this who is trying to get their pets to go over to organic, then I hope this information helps you.
Maralyn Imbrogino

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